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Ascent is a product, a fiction, a future reality, an innovation, a real excuse for a fake ass party, a startup and a shakedown, and a subpar subversion. Ascent – the product launch happened in the framework of art afterpARTY at Freda’s bar, featuring product samples; signature cocktail; red carpet with sponsorship banners, bright lights, and paparazzi; a product demonstration (performance); roaming promo girls; dj FlexMami and dj Johnny Lieu; and pumping dance floor.

This month after pARTY doubles as the hotly anticipated product launch for Ascent, and you’re invited!

Ascent is the latest in beauty and life. Harnessing the latest technology and the greatest minds in the fields of naturephilosophie, speculative realism, dark vitalism, beauty science and science fiction. Ascent is taking the beauty world by storm. Developed through a breakthrough process of time travel, scientists and beauty experts have managed to reverse humanity and life itself, right back to our origins in the primeval oceans as clustered ponds of slime-like substances – full of nucleic and amino acids, pure organic compounds – life generating, lubricating, and moisture-rich.

By harnessing this same slime that lead to the first cells, multicellular organisms, vertebrates, mammals, primates, humans, and advanced human thought and existence, Ascent is literally the essence of life. Imagine lathering on the silky, smooth, essence of life, right on to your skin. Imagine literally reversing the ages. Imagine the beauty of descending through the stages of life on earth to forge your own way out of the slime pools of time. Imagine defining your own Ascent. Then imagine turning your imagination into reality.

Ascent has finally descended onto the market. Come and find out what celebrities like Scarlett Johannesen, Rita Ora, Justin Beiber, Kendall Jenner, Kanye West, Khloe Kardashian, Michael Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Oprah Winfrey, Kate Hudson, Mariah Carey, Salma Hayak, Tori Spelling, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Leonardo Di Caprio, 50 Cent, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Katie Perry, Lindsay Lohan, Zac Efron, Matt Damon, Kirsten Dunst and more, are all raving about.

The Ascent product launch is an exclusive chance to celebrate this breakthrough product. There will be slick dj’s FlexMami and Johnny Lieu, product samples, a product demonstration, and the opportunity to mingle with VIPs, and feel like one yourself.


















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photos by Matt Cornell, Hannah Leser, and Madeleine Purdy