dedicated dances

Dedicated Dances is an ongoing experiment testing the limits of the power of intuition and the power of dance. For this project I dedicate a short dance for a particular person without their knowledge or witness. Dedicated Dances works towards dislodging the performer spectator relationship and trying to rebuild it through the power of intuition with the power of dance. If you dedicate a dance to someone and they don’t know about it, is it possible that they would feel it? Can dance act as a conduit between giving and receiving in order to produce a synchronicity which also acts as an interruption? And, how can the documentation of an event work to question and recreate memory?



Performed at midday Friday 5th September 2014. Ivey, did you feel it?



Performed at 1pm Thursday 25th September 2014. Rob, did you feel it?




Performed at 1pm Monday 29th September 2014. Meg, did you feel it?


Performed at 5:15pm Thursday 13th November 2014, Rhi, did you feel it?