A performance of meditation and a meditation on performance.

Is this a real meditation or a performed meditation? It is hard to tell. Maybe it will slip between being real and being fake, but it will probably look the same either way. Meditation is ordinarily undertaken solely to benefit the person doing it, but here (because it is both a meditation and a performance) it will sometimes be for the viewers, the ones on the outside of the meditation. Again, it will probably be hard to tell when I am doing it for me and when I am doing it for you.

A meditation performance is an action that oscillates between worlds. Sometimes internal, sometimes external, sometimes real, sometimes fake, sometimes meaningful, sometimes tedious, sometimes out of this world, sometimes right here in front of you. The main thing about a meditation performance though, is that it always looks the same, regardless. It is not a trick though, it is just the real magic of both meditation and performance.

Angela Goh meditation

MEDITATION was first performed at the Oxford Art Factory as part of Free Fall, curated by Bridie Connell for Alaska Projects, in 2014.  It lasted 2.5 hours (10pm – 12:30am) in the Cube, a glass gallery space linking the two sides of the bustling nightclub. It has since been performed at Club Ate, 2015.