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Presented at Kudos Gallery for safARI 2016

Sculpture, sound, script and performance.

‘Terra’ examines the performative relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. The Sun becomes musician – through the resonant drone that the intensity of its heat produces; the Moon becomes dancer – through its smooth, meditative enactment of its orbit choreography; and the Earth becomes the spectator – entwined, moving and being moved, rotating and spinning to give all its inhabitants a view of the always unfolding, yet never ending spectacle.

Terra brings to the forefront the images and ideas humanity has projected onto the two celestial bodies of the Sun and the Moon, throughout human history – as sites of wonder, romance, and fear. It is an intensification of the everyday, and an exploration of sound and movement on the largest scale. By sound artist Megan Clune and dancer Angela Goh.