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POT LUCK is a performance, a sharing, a dance floor, a hangout, a commune, a cult, a group hug, and a way to cultivate togetherness. It is what ever we make it, with whoever is there. There is no curation, no application process, no themes. If you want in, you are in. It is an open invitation to share an event, and as always we work out how to do that on the evening, in the moment. Everyone is invited to bring something to share, whether it be the dance they are currently working on, an idea they are thinking about at that moment, their current favourite you tube clip, a good bit out of whatever book they are reading now, or whatever else is shareable.  It is a shared performance platform, and we are all stars. It is about half cooked ideas, just doing it, dancing, and group love. We drink, we snack, we hangout, we dance, we talk, we have fun, we inject the community into everyone’s individual thing’s they are thinking about, dancing about, talking about, reading about, DOING, right now, at the moment when POT LUCK springs up.

POT LUCK is initiated and hosted by Angela Goh, Ivey Wawn and Miranda Wheen, but made awesome by everyone who shows up.


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